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“As I completed the last procedure, I could physically feel a change
- a clearing or lightness in my chest - a happy contented feeling
- At the end I was completely aware that the issue was gone.
I sat and felt the spacious feeling in my center & I was amazed at my calmness & my happiness.
Truly a life changing procedure..”
                                                      - S.H., Maryland

Hey Ron-
I've been meaning to email you for a while but have been super busy. Wanted to let you know the positive effects just the few times we've worked together has had. I think my brain has been rewired because I am able to easily remove myself from the full brunt of my emotional reactions while still experiencing them and making clear decisions. I think I'd been blocking up emotions for my whole life and working with you was like flipping on a switch- I am able to feel things now- really feel them - the good and the bad- and the bad is bearable and the good is even better. If I get in a stressful situation, all I need to do is start the "what might happen if" process and the unconscious part of my brain does the rest!

But the even more amazing thing is I quit smoking and it's almost entirely because of how you helped me think. I went from smoking a pack a day to quitting cold turkey just because 'what might happen if I didn't have a cigarette' popped into my head one day. It ran in the background for a few days until the question surfaced again, and all I could come up with was 'nothing!', and that was that! And if that isn't empowering, I don't know what is!

So a big THANK YOU!

Of course I still feel like a big ol' mess some days, but I also feel like I've got a lifeline now that I never had before- something that I can grab on to so that I can think a little clearly and make a good decision (even if that just means to take a break and not think about the issue for 10 minutes). I'd love to do some more work some day, if a few sessions can do this, who knows where I'd be with a few more.

Thanks again,

Before you phoned last night I was grudgingly doing the ironing and thinking of ways that I could improve my life/wellbeing etc as you do when you are ironing.
After you phoned I was so fired up I wanted to go for a walk.
The process itself is awesome. I was aware of at least seven areas/people in my life where I would like to use this on immediately. The other thing I got was your comment about "holding this space for the world". I knew what you meant for the first time ever. I have heard people talking about it but just didn't understand the feel of it. I was still discreating bits and pieces as I slept. I woke at 5.30 in the morning and for the first time in years I could truly say I felt happy to be me.

Janet and Ron, words cannot express the gratitude I feel for your help and this process.

       JW, Scotland UK

"Your talks really are encouraging me.
I've spent a lifetime living my fears and now I'm ready to start living my dream".
                                                         - Kirk Stringer, Columbia, SC

It is great to share with you about life ideas, philosophical questions and intentions and how we can make the planet and ourselves better and  the universe.. Thanks a lot for being with me and coaching me at a distance...
                                                           DM, Netherlands

 "This is help like none I have ever found before. Not endless hours of
 talking, talking, talking but immediate examination and probing to
 discover what is holding me back from being 100% authentic. It is not
always easy for it can require brutal honesty, but the struggle of
 self-examination brings an invaluable award of understanding and release
 of tension and conflict.  Even more promising is the idea that these
 are also tools that I can take and carry with me to confront feelings and
 issues as they arise, no longer needing to bury or be afraid.
 Thank you so much for helping me take such a powerful first step. I'll
 be in touch in September."

                           L.D., Washington, DC

"I just want to thank you. Because our last session just opened another part of me up to at least be able to appreciate some of myself - instead of doing things and just kicking myself for doing them. I've had such a wonderful two and a half weeks. It's so out of character for me. I understand now that it is all going to be OK. It is a blinding experience for me. Instead of talking about it, I am actually feeling this enormity. It is so bizarre. It is so cool. It so much pivots on your teaching. You have been the channel that opens things for me. I just wanted you to know what an adventure this last two and a half weeks have been for me."
                      - Susan Hansen, Clarksburg, MD


Dear Ron, I can't thank you enough.
The work we did yesterday really made a big difference in my attitude.
I am now looking forward to teaching this class instead of dreading it.
Because of your intuitive feel of what I needed to see and your persistence in having me look,
I am experiencing an entirely different viewpoint.
I now feel inspired. 
                                              - Sandy


"It's like when Yanni mixes sound. When you mix ideas it is a creative process that is absolutely so cool. Because, it's like watching you after so much study, so many places you have looked into and sifted through for essential truth and watch you come up with this amalgamation - but with your stamp on it. It's just wonderful to be with you and talk with you. It's very exciting". - SHI


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